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  • What is the Apprenticeship Guarantee Scheme?
    Many of us may have felt a huge relief when the Government announced the reopening of pubs, however, another very significant announcement made this year is the apprenticeship guarantee that promises to minimise unemployment figures and help suffering businesses. What is an ‘apprentice guarantee’? Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak promised ‘no one would be […]
  • How To Save Time With Marketing Automation
      For many of us, especially those who are starting up and running their own businesses, we have to wear a few different “hats” at work. But switching between being a marketer, a sales rep, an administrator, and so on doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality in your work. Marketing automation can help you […]
  • How can I use video effectively on a budget?
    The key to sharing good content in your digital marketing is creating something that your audience is going to want to engage with. Since humans are inherently visual beings, it makes sense for the best content to be made up of pictures and videos. Considering Facebook and Twitter have both now launched functionality which means […]
  • Apprenticeship vs Internship: Which should you hire?
    For an employer trying to decide between hiring an apprentice or an intern, it can be confusing. They both have their benefits and their downfalls but when it’s apprenticeship vs internship, which option comes out on top? Let us talk you through the similarities and differences between apprenticeships and internships.   How much are they […]

BTEC Level 3 in Social Media for Business

BTEC Level 3 in Social Media for Business

BTEC in Social Media Tutor Briefing

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  • 12 reasons behind Amazon's massive mobile success via @Econsultancy
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